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Mon–Thu: 7:30am-10:00pm
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Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

See hours for holiday hours and for extended hours during exams and bar study.

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Law Library Collections and Links for Law Students

The Sarita Kenedy East Law Library seeks to provide the best possible learning environment for its students. The law library seeks to support student scholarship by maintaining and expanding collections that are both comprehensive and diverse and targeted towards student needs. We welcome student suggestions.

The Law Library is home to several collections that are designed to enhance the law school experience. Collections of particular interest to law students are:

  • Databases: The law library provides access to many legal and non-legal databases for student use. Titles include Heinonline, Index to Legal Periodicals, and Study Aids packages.
  • Electronic Books: Our collection of eBooks is growing! Click here for an updated list of titles.
  • Course Reserve: The law library has your required textbooks. You can check these out for 4 hours at a time, with a 50 cents per hour late fee. The collection also has Nutshells, hornbooks and other study aids available for 4-hour checkout and browsing.
  • Legal Movies: DVDs with legal themes or with attorneys as characters are available for a 3-day checkout.
  • Legal Fiction: Novels centered on the law by some of today's most popular authors.


Research Assistance for Law Students

Reference: The law library provides reference assistance from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Inquire at the Circulation Desk for a Reference Librarian.

Research Appointments: If you have an in-depth research question or just need help beginning a project, feel free to schedule an appointment at the reference department.

Computer Lab: Law Library Room 105

Room 105 of the law library houses the law library computer lab. All computers are password protected. To use a computer, ask for a password at the circulation desk. All computers have Microsoft Word and WordPefect installed.

Instructions on printing are on another page. Click here to view instructions on printing.

Files saved to the computer will be deleted overnight and when the computer restarts. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a USB thumbdrive or plan in some other way to save your files.

Additionally, public access computers are located in the reference area on the first floor. Computers in the open area can be used by students as well as the public.

Resources for Student Organizations

Reserving rooms:

  • Room 106, Law Library
    • Theater seating for 20 people.
    • Projector and Screen with attached computer.
    • To reserve: Contact Yvonne Olfers (
  • Room 217, Law Library
    • Table and chair seating for 17 people.
    • Projector and Screen with attached computer.
    • Furniture can be rearranged.
    • Must return furniture to the original locations when your meeting is over.
    • To reserve: Contact Yvonne Olfers (
  • Alumni Room, Law Library 1st Floor
    • Table and chair seating for 51 people.
    • Projector and Screen with attached computer.
    • Do NOT move furniture here yourself.
    • Furniture can be rearranged only through a work order through main campus.
    • To reserve: Contact Ofilia Rodarte (
  • Conference rooms and small group study rooms
    • Study rooms are located along the edges of the library on the 1st and 2nd floors.
    • Furniture cannot be rearranged or moved.
    • You cannot reserve these rooms. Rooms are first come, first served, but groups have priority.
    • Study rooms are not sound proof, so please plan to participate in only quiet activities in these rooms.

Posters and signs:

  • Hanging Signs: Signs can be hung in two places: On the bulletin board by the 1st floor restrooms, and on the bulletin board by the 2nd floor restrooms. Signs need an approval stamp before you hang them. Bring the sign to the Circulation Desk, and we can stamp it for you.
  • Poster printing: The Law Library can print a poster for your student group, at no charge. We have a machine that will take an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and enlarge it to 23 x 31 inches. The poster will have two colors only: black on a solid color background. The backgrounds can be white or a variety of neon colors. To make a poster, print a black and white 8.5 x 11 inch ad, and bring it to the Circulation Desk.
    The law library can also put the poster in a frame on a stand near the library entrance.
  • Scrolling TV ads: A scrolling TV ad display is located next to the 1st floor restroom in the Law Library. To put your ad in the scrolling news announcements and photos, make a Powerpoint slide and email it to Mike Martinez (

Study Carrels: Reserving a Carrel

Carrel Policy and Procedures
(Revised August 18, 2015)

Carrels in the law library will be assigned as follows:

  • Law Journal & The Scholar
  • Bar Takers (July bar and February bar)
  • Visiting Scholars (downstairs reading room)


 If you meet any of the above requirements, please contact Professor Mike Martinez.


If you receive an assigned carrel, the following rules apply:
1)  There will be a $20 carrel use fee per semester.  Students may pay this fee by cash or check. This fee is subject to change.
2)  All materials must be stored in a single row, right side up, and in an orderly manner on the carrels elevated shelf (if provided).  Stored materials may NOT include:

    • Loose-leaf services
    • Materials labeled Reference
    • Federal/State statutes or regulations

3)  The Law Library staff may remove library items stored in a carrel in violation of the above criteria.
4)  The Law Library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or inadvertently shelved items from a carrel.  It is strongly recommended that students lock up personal items in the filing cabinet.
5)  No personal items should be affixed to the carrel itself (e.g., white boards, posters, etc.).
6)  Coffee makers, refrigerators, and other personal appliances are NOT allowed in the carrel.  In addition, personal file cabinets are not allowed in the carrel.
7)  Carrel reservations expire on the date posted on the Carrel Reservation Form.  All items must be removed by the expiration date posted; the library staff will remove items and clean up carrels after the reservation expires.