Sarita Kenedy East Law Library


Regular Hours:

Mon–Thu: 7:30am-10:00pm
Friday: 7:30am-6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

See hours for holiday hours and for extended hours during exams and bar study.

Contact Us:

Ph: (210) 436-3435
Fax: (210) 436-3240




Printing and Copying

New printers have recently been acquired by the University. Please see below for specific instructions.

Sharp Print Center

St Mary's Online Print Service allows students, faculty, and staff to print most documents to selected printers on campus. Print jobs can be sent from any computer, wireless laptop, or mobile device, from any location on or off campus. There is no need to install any print drivers to use this service; just access the website, upload, and print. Most commonly used file formats are supported, along with page range, duplex printing, and multiple copy options. Printing cost is .0425¢ a page for black and white or .34¢ a page for color; you can add money to your print account via PayPal.

Registering your card

Step 1: Tap your card on the St. Mary's University label.

Step 2: Type in your Gateway username and password.

Step 3: Select OK.

Your card is now registered. You can access any copier with a tap of your card.

Stand Alone Flatbed Scanner: Scanning Bound Books

The law library has a flatbed scanner connected to a computer, which is publicly accessible at the Circulation Desk. Instructions for using it are posted by the scanner. It is recommended that you use the flatbed scanner to scan bound books. The machine will show you a picture of the page as it scans, so you know the page cropping is correct. In case of a malfunction during scanning, the stand alone scanner will only delete the last page scanned; all previous pages will be saved.