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See hours for holiday hours and for extended hours during exams and bar study.

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Ph: (210) 436-3435
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InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL Coordinator

Professor Stacy Fowler is our interlibrary loan coordinator. You may reach her at (210) 431 – 8073 or email her at

Requesting Materials: ILL for St. Mary's Law Faculty and Students:

The law library offers interlibrary loan services to the faculty, students, and staff of the St. Mary's University School of Law. These services provide access to items not found in the law library's collection but are available at another institution. Public patrons cannot use interlibrary loan. Members of the TexShare program must use the ILL services provided by their home institution.

Please check the online catalog before submitting a request. Also, many items like journal articles may be available online. You can use our E-Journal Locator to check the online availability of the item before you submit an ILL request.

To make an interlibary loan request for material the law library does not have, you may:

  • Fill out the following form and return it to the law library,
  • Send an email to Professor Stacy Fowler at . Please include: your contact information (name, phone, email) AND information about the resource you want (is it a book or an article, title, author, publication date, volume number, page numbers, edition, publisher). Fill out as much information as you know, and send it in to Professor Fowler.

Turnaround time for requests is approximately ten working days for most items. Rare items may take longer. There is no charge for this service for members of the law school community.

Lending: ILL for Other Libraries

The law library provides loans and photocopies of library materials to outside institutions subject to some restrictions. ILL requests from other institutions must be complete and accurate at the time of the request. We will not perform research for borrowing institutions. The borrowing period for loaned ILL items is one month. No exceptions. No renewals.

The law library accepts ILL requests by fax, e-mail, OCLC (SNL), or in person.