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Electronic Resources

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Comprehensive Legal Resources

CasemakerX: CasemakerX is a legal research database, similar to WestLaw or LexisNexis, which is provided free-of-charge to all members of the Texas bar. Law students have access to CasemakerX. In order to create an account, go to, and click “Sign Up”. Then register using your St. Mary’s University email address (the email address ending in ).

Fastcase: (On-campus access) A legal research database similar to WestLaw or LexisNexis. Libraries include primary law from all 50 states, as well as federal coverage going back to 1 U.S. 1, 1 F.2d 1, 1 F.Supp. 1, and 1 B.R. 1. The Fastcase collection includes cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions.

Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) (On-campus and off campus access)
Contains archives of the scanned versions of harder find state and federal legal materials. Also contains legal materials from jurisdictions around the world.

LexisNexis (Password restricted: Each law student and faculty member is assigned an individual password.)
Collection of thousands of databases comprising mostly primary and secondary legal materials as well as collections of newspapers and other sources of information.

LexisNexis Academic (On-Campus and off-campus access for undergraduate students.)
Comprehensive site combining academic, business and primary and secondary legal resources.

Westlaw (Password restricted: Each law student and faculty member is assigned an individual password.)
Online portal to legal materials published by West. Also includes access to thousands of databases across a spectrum of legal and current affairs topics.


Study Aids

The Law Library provides you with access to the West Academic digital collection of study aids - including audio and video - to help you succeed in all your courses! Access is available for Nutshells, Hornbooks, Concepts & Insights, Exam Pro, and many other study aids and treatises to help you ace your finals! To take advantage, visit West Academic Study Aids to set up your account today, and don't forget to download the app so you can study anywhere!

Bringing greater accessibility to LexisNexis treatises, study aids, deskbooks, and more, the St. Mary’s University Digital Library provides access to more than a thousand volumes of legal eBooks you can access anytime, anywhere!  Just visit and enter your school email address. Browse the available materials, and don't forget to access both the Questions and Answers series and Understanding series to help you study! 


Law Reviews and Journals

HeinOnline (On-campus and off-campus access)
HeinOnline contains hundreds of thousands of primary and secondary resources; one of the most useful collections for law students is the Law Journal Library, which contains scanned PDF files of law journals dating back to the 1800s.

Index to Legal Periodicals (on-campus and off-campus access)
Provides access to law review articles, book reviews, symposia and much more. Subject and Keyword searching are generally easier on ILP versus other electronic law journal collections.


Federal Resources

U.S. Government Information (open access)
govinfo is free U.S. Government information for all. govinfo provides free public access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. It is a service of the United States Government Publishing Office (GPO), a Federal agency in the legislative branch. To learn more, visit the govinfo about page. (open access)
A division of the Library of Congress, this is a great resource for finding legislative history of recent enactments. It’s also useful for checking the status of and tracking current Bills.

ProQuest Congressional Index (On-campus and off-campus access.)
Proquest Congressional databases indexes the federal legislative history of compiled in the Congressional Index Service (CIS). This is an excellent resource for finding detailed information about the legislative history of many laws.


Texas Legal Resources

Texas Legislative Reference Library (open access)
Provides online access to many of the resources indexed by the Legislative Reference Library of Texas. The LRL provides copies of current Bills being considered in the legislature as well as a detailed collection of the legislative history of Texas laws.

Texas Courts Online (open access)
Contains links to Texas court cases as well as a wealth of information of the Texas judicial system.

Texas Legislature Online (open access)
Links to current legislative information, session activity, etc.

Texas Legal Forms (Gale Database)
Database of legal forms (all states are represented) covering a variety of subjects.

Texas Secretary of State (open access)
Texas administrative regulations are here as well as filings of Texas corporations and other business entities.


International and Foreign Law

Foreign Law Guide (On-campus and off-campus access)
Provides access to secondary law sources from jurisdictions around the globe.

NatLaw World (formerly called InterAM) (Requires special password. Click here for the password)
Provides Spanish language and some English language translations of legal and law related documents from Latin and South American nations.

English language versions of Chinese legal and law related documents including the Chinese Constitution, statutes, regulations and case law. It also provides access to gazette and law journal articles as well as information of the structure of the Chinese legal system.

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (On-campus and off-campus access)
The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) is a comprehensive online resource containing over 1600 peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. It has been re-designed to improve the look and feel of the site, and the search functionality. New updates and articles will be added in August. Written and edited by an incomparable team of over 800 scholars and practitioners, published in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, and updated throughout the year, this major reference work is essential for anyone researching or teaching international law.

UN Treaty Collection (On-campus and off-campus access)
This collection provides access to every treaty and every international agreement entered into by any member of the United Nations as well as a wealth of other UN related material.


Featured Services

Prodoc: Prodoc is an automated document assembly service that generates Texas legal forms in Word or WordPerfect format. More information about ProDoc can be found here, or you can click here for instructions on installing ProDoc.

CALI: CALI is an online study platform for legal materials. It contains instruction modules, recorded lectures and quizzes. CALI is a good resource for exam study and extra practice outside of class. In order to register: (1) Go to , (2) click “Create new account” , (3) register using the St/ Mary’s University registration code. To get the registration code, visit this website, or ask for the CALI code at the circulation desk. Note: You will need an email address to register. As of Fall 2012, this cannot be a hotmail account. If your primary email address is hotmail, consider using your St. Mary’s email address to register.

Exam Bank: The law library’s circulation desk has a collection of past exams from St. Mary's University School of Law, supplied by the professors. These are available in electronic format and are searchable by professor or course.


General Research Resources (open access)
Internet catalog of the collections of libraries around the world, including St. Mary’s.

E-Journal Locator (open access)
Use this resource to find out what electronic journals St. Mary’s Law School provides access to.