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Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

See hours for holiday hours and for extended hours during exams and bar study.

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ExamCommercial PaperBracey2011
ExamConstitutional Criminal ProcedureSchmolesky2006, Spring
ExamERISAFlint, G.2009, Fall
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2008, Summer
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2008, Fall
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2011, Spring
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2006, Summer
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2007, Summer
OutlineAlternative Dispute ResolutionEichelbaumundated
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2011, Summer
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2011, Spring
ExamTorts (multiple choice portion)Teeterundated
ExamTorts (essay portion)Teeterundated
Answer KeyTortsTeeterundated
ExamCriminal ProcedureSchmolesky1998, Spring
ExamCriminal ProcedureSchmolesky1996, Spring
ExamCriminal ProcedureSchmolesky1985, Spring
ExamCriminal ProcedureSchmolesky1984, Spring
ExamCriminal ProcedureSchmolesky1982, Spring
ExamCriminal LawSchmolesky1995, Spring
ExamCriminal LawSchmolesky1994, Spring
ExamCriminal LawSchmolesky1987, Fall
ExamCriminal LawSchmolesky1984, Fall
ExamCriminal LawSchmolesky1983, Fall
ExamCriminal LawSchmoleskyundated
ExamBusiness AssociationsReams2005, Fall
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey2003, Spring (midterm)
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey2000, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1992, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1988, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1986, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1985, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1984, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1983, Spring
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey2000, Fall
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1996, Fall
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1994, Fall
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReameyundated
ExamTexas Criminal ProcedureReamey1988, Fall
Answer KeyTexas Criminal Procedure (short answer)Reameyundated
ExamWills and EstatesMather1994, Summer
ExamWills and EstatesMather1996, Summer
ExamPropertyMather1996, Spring
ExamPropertyMather1994, Spring
ExamEstates and TrustsMather1995, Spring
ExamEstates and TrustsMather1993, Spring
ExamEstates and TrustsMather1992, Spring
Exam (Part 1)TortsJohnson
Exam (Part 2)TortsJohnson
Exam (Part 3)TortsJohnson
Exam (Part 4)TortsJohnson
Exam (Part 5)TortsJohnson
ExamWills and EstatesLeopold1997, Spring
ExamTrustsLeopold1997, Spring
ExamProperty IILeopold2003, Spring
ExamProperty ILeopold2001, Fall
ExamSales and Secured TransactionsKastely1998, Spring (midterm)
ExamContractsKastely1996, Spring
ExamContractsKastely1993, Spring
Answer Key Answer Key Kastely
ExamContractsKastely1998, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1997, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1993, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1992, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1988, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1987, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1986, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1984, Fall
ExamContractsKastely1983, Fall
Answer Key Answer Key Kastely
Answer Key Answer Key Kastely
ExamHealth LawHampton1995, Spring
ExamHealth LawHampton1994, Fall
ExamContractsHampton1996, Spring
ExamContractsHampton1992, Spring
ExamContractsHampton1997, Fall
ExamAlternative Dispute ResolutionHampton1995, Fall
ExamAlternative Dispute ResolutionHampton1994, Fall
ExamProperty IIHaddock1994, Spring
ExamProperty IIHaddock1993, Spring
ExamPropertyHaddock1993, Fall
ExamPropertyHaddock1992, Fall
ExamPropertyHaddock1990, Fall
ExamEstates and TrustsHaddock1992, Fall
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1995, Summer
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1992, Summer (exam A)
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1992, Summer (exam B)
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1995, Spring
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1994, Spring
ExamCommunity PropertyHaddock1996, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.2006, Spring
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.2003, Spring
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1999, Spring
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1995, Spring
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1994, Spring
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.2002, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.2001, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1999, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1998, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1997, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.1990, Fall
ExamSecurities RegulationFlint, G.(undated, suspected Fall 1995)
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2010, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2003, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2002, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.1992, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2008, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2004, Summer
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2007, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2005, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2003, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2002, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.2001, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.1999, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.1998, Fall
ExamSecured TransactionsFlint, G.1994, Fall
ExamSalesFlint, G.2012, Spring
ExamSalesFlint, G.2006, Fall
ExamSalesFlint, G.2005, Fall
ExamSalesFlint, G.2004, Fall
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2008, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2007, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2006, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2005, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2004, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2003, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2000, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.1999, Spring
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2006, Fall
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.2002, Fall
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.1999, Fall
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.1997, Fall
ExamFederal Income TaxationFlint, G.1996, Fall
ExamERISAFlint, G.2000, Spring
ExamERISAFlint, G.1998, Spring
ExamERISAFlint, G.1996, Spring
ExamERISAFlint, G.2004, Fall
ExamERISAFlint, G.2002, Fall
ExamERISAFlint, G.1993, Fall
ExamContracts IIFlint, G.2008, Spring
ExamContracts IIFlint, G.2007, Spring
ExamContracts IIFlint, G.1989, Spring
ExamContractsFlint, G.2007, Fall
ExamContractsFlint, G.2006, Fall
ExamContractsFlint, G.1991, Fall
ExamContractsFlint, G.1988, Fall
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2006, Spring
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2005, Spring
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2004, Spring
ExamCommercial PaperFlint, G.2001, Fall
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2000, Summer
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2005, Summer
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2004, Summer
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2000, Spring
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2005, Fall
ExamBusiness AssociationsFlint, G.2001, Fall
ExamAgency and PartnershipFlint, G.1988, Fall
ExamTexas Civil ProcedureFlint, R.1997, Summer
ExamTexas Civil ProcedureFlint, R.2005, Spring
ExamTexas Civil ProcedureFlint, R.2004, Fall
ExamCivil Procedure IIIFlint, R.1994, Spring
ExamCivil Procedure IIIFlint, R.1990, Spring
ExamCivil Procedure IIFlint, R.1989, Fall
ExamCivil Procedure IIFlint, R.1988, Fall
ExamOil and GasFlint, R.2004, Fall
ExamMortgagesFlint, R.2009, Fall
ExamCreditors' RightsFlint, R.1996, Fall
ExamCreditors' RightsFlint, R.1992, Fall
ExamCreditors' RightsFlint, R.1990, Fall
Answer KeyConstitutional LawDittfurth1998, Spring (answer key)
ExamConstitutional LawDittfurth1997, Spring
ExamTaxation of Business EntititesCochran1995, Spring
ExamTaxation of Business EntititesCochran1996, Fall
ExamPartnership TaxCochran1994, Spring
ExamFederal Estate and Gift TaxCochran1994, Fall
ExamFederal Estate and Gift TaxCochran1993, Fall
ExamCorporate TaxationCochran1994, Spring
ExamConflict of LawsCochran1996, Fall
ExamProfessional ResponsibilityAriensundated
ExamConstitutional Law Ariens2006, Spring
ExamConstitutional Law Ariens2002, Spring
ExamConstitutional Law Ariens2000, Spring
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1998, Summer
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1995, Summer
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1993, Summer
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens2004, Spring (part II)
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens2004, Spring (part I)
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens2001, Spring
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1998, Spring
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1992, Spring
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1990, Spring (exam A)
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1990, Spring (exam B)
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1992, Fall
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens2001, Fall
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1989, Fall
ExamAmerican Legal HistoryAriens1990, Fall
ExamCivil Procedure Addicott2002, Fall
ExamCivil Procedure Addicott2001, Fall
ExamCivil Procedure Addicott2000, Fall