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Ethics Resources

American Bar Association Specific Resources
American Bar Association (ABA) – Jurisdictional Rules Comparison Charts
This interactive page provides site visitors the ability to examine how each jurisdiction has modified and adopted each of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

American Bar Association (ABA) – Model Rules of Professional Conduct
This webpage contains the text of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct curated by the ABA.

American Bar Association (ABA) –Recent Ethics Opinions
This webpage contains an up-to-date collection of ethics opinions issued by the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional responsibility interpreting both the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the Model Code of Judicial Conduct.

American Bar Association (ABA) – Standing Committee on Ethics and Professionalism  
This webpage containing information provided by the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professionalism regarding legal malpractice claim statistics, insurance for lawyers, and malpractice prevention tips.

American Bar Association (ABA) – Directory of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies (list dated 2020).
This webpage provides contact numbers for disciplinary agencies in all states.

Texas Specific Resources
State Bar of Texas – Texas Ethics Resources
This webpage contains a list of ethics resources for Texas attorneys, judges, and legal professionals. Includes link to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct and Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedures.

Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals
This website directs the site visitor to the Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals—a Texas-focused resource containing the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, advisory opinions, and case records for Texas disciplinary actions.

Texas Center for Legal Ethics – References
This website contains a resource list with more than thirty links to books, websites, DVDs and other reference materials on ethics and professionalism issues compiled by the Texas Center for Legal Ethics.

Texas Center for Legal Ethics – Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct
This webpage shows the rules that govern Texas attorneys.

Texas Center for Legal Ethics – Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure
This webpage shows the procedures that govern investigations and hearing regarding attorneys’ violations of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

Texas Ethics Commission
This website was created on November 5, 1991 to house Ethics Advisory Opinions by the Texas Ethics Commission.

American Bar Association (ABA) – Latest Ethics Opinions
This webpage shows the ABA’s new, formal, opinions that are relevant to many attorneys and are written to address past and possible future violations to the ethics code.

Other Links
Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL)
This association’s members provide advice to lawyers on legal ethics issues, defend lawyers in discipline matters or civil malpractice cases, act as expert witnesses, teach professional responsibility courses in law schools, and perform ethics-related functions in law firms. The site includes ethics news and events, legal advice and services in all aspects of legal ethics.

Ethics in America Video Series
This series uses the Socratic method to build analytical skills and examine ethical questions. The programs aim to sharpen moral reasoning without favoring a particular position by exploring ethical dilemmas in legal, political, medical, corporate, and military arenas.

Legal Innovation Regulatory Survey
This website explains the differences in the adoption of ABA rules by state. Site visitors can select a state to view and the website will then take them to another page explaining the difference(s) in the proposed rule by the ABA and the rule adopted in the state.

Ohio Legal Ethics Law under the Rules of Professional Conduct
This resource is geared toward people doing research on the law of lawyering in Ohio.

St. Mary’s University – Journal on Legal Malpractice & Ethics
This webpage directs site visitors to the St. Mary’s Journal on Legal Malpractice & Ethics created and curated by St. Mary’s University scholars and staff.

Unlocking Legal Regulation Knowledge Center
This webpage directs the site visitor to the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System’s Unlocking Legal Regulation project. The Knowledge Center is designed to be an up-to-date resource with current state recommendations, ongoing scholarship, and additional resources for those exploring how unlocking legal regulation can be achieved. This webpage focuses on Utah, California, Arizona, and the Chicago Bar Foundation. Links to regulations in foreign jurisdictions such as England, Wales, Australia and Canada are also listed.